House of Cards – A Review

In anticipation of the release of Season 5 of Netflix’s House of Cards on May 30th 2017, I wished to give my opinion on the series so far…

I don’t know about you but I find a sort of dark appreciation and sympathy toward the anti-hero that is Frank Underwood. His manipulative, twisted and self centered motives have a strange draw to them. He so aptly labels this decision making process as ‘ruthless pragmatism’ which would in most normal TV shows be portrayed as cold and callous, giving rise to a resentment toward the character, however the beauty of House of Cards lies in its ability to draw you into the scheming, egocentric nature of the Underwood’s to the point that you actually want them to succeed.

I respect David Fincher and the other directs involved in this program. It is a brave and bold move for any show, but particularly a political drama, to almost abstain from including a protagonist in the story.

Frank Underwood is also a deeply hypocritical character in nature. He threatens those around him so severely against treachery. It is obvious that he deeply fears being stabbed in the back, shown by the reoccurring dream sequence in season 4 where his wife Claire stabs him in the back with a shard of glass. And yet despite this Frank does not hesitate to throw colleagues under the bus as shown in interactions with Catherine Durant in the latest season.

Interestingly the show is becoming increasingly a story of isolation. Frank appears to continually loose of push those closest to him away. I also appreciate the way his character has clearly aged in the few short years elapsed during the show.

Now I whilst having loved seasons 1-4, I have some reservations about the upcoming season 5. Whilst I will avoid revealing any major spoilers I am intrigued to see how the Frank Underwood will continue to develop as a character. My hope is that the show will avoid going over the top with its plot and rather continue Frank’s decent into isolation and as he increasingly finds himself more and more cornered by those around him will become more and more extreme in his self preservation.

For those who have yet to watch House of Cards and enjoy seeing expert character development this is the show for you so go ahead and catch up ahead of the release in just over a month. For those who have watched the series leave a comment on what you want to see from the upcoming season.


House of Cards


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